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The planning and preparation for the "2018 Berry's USPSA Area 1 Championship" continues in full swing.  The match registration opened December 1st for Area 1 residents and filled in about six hours with a waiting list of over 150!  You will still see open slots in the squadding on Practiscore but that is because some folks have not paid and squadded yet.  Trust me, the match IS FULL and we currently have around 85 on the wait list.  We have all of our stages completed and are working out the final details.  Our theme for the match is "Montana Movies".  Work is progressing on the match book, website, logo, sponsors, and many other things too numerous to mention.  As we get closer to the match and when the weather improves we will likely call on some of you for extra help and to delegate jobs.  We are fortunate that we have had an over-abundance of offers to help and/or work the match.  Our staff list is filled at the moment but that will change as time goes on due to cancellations, etc.  If you have been chosen as staff we will be notifying you soon.  Thanks to all of you that are assisting with this event!