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Fred Jacobi Junior Shooter Program


For our young shooters out there (and we really mean “young”), have we got a deal for you: be selected for the Fred Jacobi Junior Shooter Program. Fred Jacobi was a longtime club member who was serving on our Board of Directors when he passed away in 2011. Fred was a strong advocate of bringing new shooters to the range and to our sport. He gently exposed them to the safety and fun of shooting, then allowed them to choose their future participation armed with their newfound knowledge. Recognizing the need to attract young shooters to competitive shooting, the Big Sky Practical Shooting Club will use the memorial fund established in Fred’s honor to create this program.


To participate in the program, a shooter must be between the ages of 12 and 18 at the beginning of their first match season (younger shooters may be considered on an individual basis), have a parent, grandparent or guardian that is a member of BSPSC, and have continuing permission from his or her parents/guardians to stay in the program. BSPSC will provide a mentor (a certified Range Officer), access to our New Competitor Clinic, a Kydex holster, five mag pouches, and a competition belt. We will also provide 100 rounds of ammo for each match, and no-cost match registration. Participation will be for one shooting season, after which the Junior Shooter may be eligible to keep all provided equipment, continue in the mentorship and training program, and receive reduced match rates for one additional season. What a deal!


Requests to participate in the program should include:


Junior shooter’s name, age, address, phone number and email.


Name of the parent, grandparent or guardian who is a BSPSC member. Note: Participation of the parent or guardian member is encouraged but not required, but they must be present during activities for Junior Shooters under the age of 18.


Some background information on the junior shooter. [For example: “This fall, I will be a sophomore at Big Sky High School. My hobbies and interests are hunting, fishing, and soccer. I also enjoy pestering my younger siblings and working at my dad’s auto body shop.”]


A description of any prior shooting experience, such as when she or he first started shooting; firearm safety classes taken (if any); types of firearms shot; and firearm to be used under this program. Inexperienced but eager participants are encouraged to apply!


A statement or short essay as to why the junior shooter would like to be chosen for this program. [For example: “I’m a B+ student and active in my high school sports programs. My dad is a competitive shooter and has brought me to several of his matches and practices and is teaching me to shoot, which I love. I am responsible at home and at school and would enjoy very much the learning experience and sponsorship that BSPSC is offering. I’ve also promised my parents that I will keep my room clean and take out the trash without whining if they allow me to participate in this program.”]


Participation in the program is limited, so if you know someone who would like to apply and is, literally, “young at heart,” please contact Shawn Stinton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you would like to contribute to Fred’s memorial fund, please make your checks payable to “BSPSC” and note that it is for the Fred Jacobi Junior Shooter Program.


Good luck and good shooting!