The purposes of the Big Sky Practical Shooting Club are to encourage and promote the safe use and care of firearms; advance competition and marksmanship in the sport of practical shooting; and support the individual right of every person to keep, bear and use firearms. BSPSC members enjoy all benefits and privileges offered by the club, including participating in BSPSC events, access to BSPSC's extensive collection of steel and paper targets at the range, holding elected office, attending meetings, and voting.


If you would like to join BSPSC, please fill out the Membership Application, print, and mail it with your dues to the address indicated, or you may use the "Submit to BSPSC" button on the form and mail your payment to the address indicated.

Types of Membership:

Individual Membership is open to any individual who is willing to abide by all rules, regulations, and posted signs of BSPSC and facilities used by BSPSC. Minors (those seventeen (17) years old and younger) are required to have adult sponsorship. Individual membership may be purchased on an Annual or Lifetime basis.

Family Membership may include an individual, his/her spouse and children under the age of 18 living at the same address.

Law Enforcement Officer Membership (Individual or Family) is open to: Any full-time law enforcement officer (City, County, State, or Federal Police Officer; Parole, Probation or Detention Officer; Campus Security Officer; Fish & Game Officer); and Any Retired Officers in these categories who have been past members of the Club.

Membership Fees:

Individual (Annual) $30

Individual (Life) $300.00
Family (Annual) $45

Family (Life) $450.00
Law Enforcement Officer (Annual) $15

Law Enforcement Officer (Life) $150.00
Law Enforcement Family (Annual) $27.50

Law Enforcement Family (Life) $275.00

Membership year is April 1st to March 31st.

Please note: When participating in BSPSC-related activities, BSPSC members must conduct themselves in full compliance with all State and Federal laws, rules of the facilities used by the club, as well as BSPSC bylaws, Safety and Match rules. Members are responsible for their guests' actions and conduct.